Enteroscopy, is a test performed to examine the deeper region of the small intestine, an area beyond the reach of a an EGD or upper endoscopy. A longer instrument is used. In order to do the test, you must fast overnight. An IV will be inserted into a vein so that sedative medication can be given. After you are asleep, a thin flexible tube with a tiny camera will be placed into your mouth and then into the esophagus. Since you will be asleep you will not gag or vomit. The doctor doing the test will be able to see your esophagus, stomach and deeper region of the small intestine. Biopsies can be done if necessary (you have no pain nerves here so it won’t hurt and you won’t be sore afterward). This is the best test to look for bleeding source, ulcers, inflammation of the small intestine. The sedation time is usually five to ten minutes, the endoscopy takes five to fifteen minutes and the recovery (i.e. waking up time) is twenty to thirty minutes.

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